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Sun damaged skin.

Sun Damage Treatment Options Available at DermSurgery Associates

Congratulations! You scheduled your annual skin check, and now you have your results. Maybe your dermatologist noticed some sun damage, which can manifest as age spots, freckles, changing moles, dry skin, wrinkles and early aging signs, even actinic keratosis or skin cancer. So, what do you do next? Now is the time to schedule your …

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Woman examining her forehead wrinkles.

5 of the Best Ways To Reduce Forehead Wrinkles

Our patients often ask us about the best ways to reduce forehead wrinkles. From laser skin resurfacing to BOTOX® to skin tightening surgery, our Houston dermatologists here at DermSurgery Associates list 5 of the best ways to create a smoother, younger-looking forehead. 1. OTC Topical Retinoids & Wrinkle Creams To treat fine lines around the …

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Man receiving laser treatment

Our Go-To Devices To Treat Every Skin Concern

Plenty of creams and serums on the market promise to revitalize your skin. However, topical treatments can only do so much when it comes to deeper skincare issues. Problems like dark spots, wrinkles, and sagging often require specialized procedures to be truly addressed. There's good news, though: Our dermatologists here in Houston have the exact …

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They say time flies. We say it disappears. Ask us about Fraxel.

Fraxel® for the New Year!

New year…new you! Start out the new year with improved skin tone, texture, and radiance. Fraxel is a fractional laser skin resurfacing treatment at our Greater Houston offices that targets signs of aging and skin damage. Do Fraxel lasers really work? Yes. Fraxel is cleared by the FDA for treatment of wrinkles around the eyes, …

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DermSurgery Associates

Experience a Noticeably Younger Look Without Surgery or Extended Downtime with Fraxel® Laser Treatments

Are you looking for noticeable results in the radiance of your skin, but not dramatic changes? Without surgery and in minimal time? Then, Fraxel® laser treatments may be right for you. Fraxel® is a fractional skin resurfacing treatment designed to improve tone, texture and radiance. It targets signs of aging and skin damage – like …

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