Birthmark Treatment

Birthmarks are darkened spots on the skin that typically present at birth or appear a few weeks later. Many people think of birthmarks as pink or red spots, but they can be brown, tan, or blue instead. While these marks cause no pain, many patients find them unsightly and feel self-conscious about them. At DermSurgery Associates, our dermatology team can help Greater Houston, TX, men and women clear their skin and fade the appearance of birthmarks.

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What Causes Birthmarks?

There is no known cause why some people have birthmarks. And while it is not fully understood, birthmarks are usually inherited. Sometimes, a gene mutation can also cause a birthmark. There are two main types of birthmarks.

  • Pigmented Birthmarks: Occur when there is more pigment in one area of the skin than others. Types of pigmented birthmarks can include moles, café-au-lait spots, and congenital dermal melanocytosis (sometimes referred to as Mongolian spots).
  • Vascular Birthmarks: Usually caused by blood vessels that didn’t grow properly. Types of vascular birthmarks can include hemangiomas, port wine stains, and salmon patches.

What Are the Treatments for Birthmarks?

When treating birthmarks, a dermatologist may prescribe laser treatment or even surgical excision. We always recommend speaking with your dermatologist to discuss the best possible treatment for you. Below are a few popular options we might suggest to Houston patients looking to reduce the appearance of birthmarks.

  • Vbeam Perfecta® Cynergy: The gold standard and the world’s best-selling pulsed-dye laser, the Vbeam Perfecta laser is a safe, easy-to-use tool for the treatment of vascular, pigmented, and certain non-pigmented lesions. Side effects from the treatment are uncommon.
  • Pulsed Dye Sclerolaser: We use the pulsed dye ScleroLaser to treat many different vascular lesions, including facial spider veins, leg veins, rosacea, scars, and stretch marks. We also use the pulsed dye laser to address more complex issues, such as port wine stains and hemangiomas.
  • Regenlite® Laser: This pulsed dye laser has also proven to be successful when treating birthmarks, acne scars, and other imperfections on damaged skin.
  • SPLENDORX Nd:YAG Laser: For birthmarks, the SPLENDORX Nd:YAG laser directly targets the darker-skinned treatment area, clearing the lesion and leaving the surrounding skin unharmed.
  • Fraxel DUAL: The Fraxel DUAL’s microscopic laser columns penetrate deep into your skin, spurring your body’s collagen production. Because the laser treats only a fraction of tissue at a time, the surrounding tissue is unaffected. This fractional treatment approach promotes rapid healing, resurfacing your skin by stimulating the growth of new, healthy skin cells from the inside out.

Our dermatology practices have helped many Greater Houston, TX, patients fade birthmarks and feel confident in their skin. If you would like to learn more about treatment for birthmarks, please request a consultation with one of our specialists at a location near you.