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Young women's summer-ready legs in the pool in Houston, TX.

5 Quick Treatments to Get Your Legs Summer-Ready

After wearing tights and jeans for most of the year, getting your legs ready for summer may be a worrying prospect. Many products offer ways to tan, tone, and smooth your legs before shorts season—but can they really create the results you deserve? When you’re relaxing on vacation or enjoying the good weather, you shouldn’t …

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Scratching a red hand.

Winter and eczema

Dry skin can be itchy, red and cracked. Here are some tips from Dr. Riahi to keep your skin healthy during the winter: 1. Short showers! Long showers make skin dry. 2. Lukewarm water: hot water strips the skin of moisture. If you have itchy or sensitive skin, hot water will make it worse (Dr. …

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