Pediatric Dermatology

Our skincare specialists and board-certified dermatologists know that pediatric dermatology requires specialized care, a supportive environment, and a warm, compassionate approach. Our practice is a full-service destination for pediatric dermatology in Greater Houston, TX. We offer a broad range of medical dermatology treatments to make sure your child has all the care his or her skin needs from birth to age 18.

Our doctors specialize not only in providing care, but also in giving education and support to parents and children to promote a lifetime of healthy skin.

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Our Pediatric Dermatology Services

  • Eczema: Chronically dry, red, or itchy skin is very common among infants and young children. Treatments include topical and oral products that can relieve symptoms.
  • Acne Treatment: Innovative treatments for acne, including photodynamic red light therapy (PDT), offer your child clearer skin and increased confidence.
  • Hair Loss: When the immune system attacks hair follicles, hair loss can occur even at a young age. Learn more about the topical and oral medications we recommend.
  • Medical Dermatology: When issues such as lesions, growths, or infections arise, DermSurgery’s specialists are here to protect the health of your child’s skin.
  • Mole Check: We monitor existing moles and track new spots to catch and treat any signs of skin cancer as early as possible.
  • Psoriasis: Dry, scaly skin can cause irritation and discomfort. Our doctors will recommend products and treatments to relieve these symptoms.
  • Warts: Warts can cause embarrassment and discomfort. We remove raised bumps on the skin caused by human papillomavirus (HPV).

How Is Pediatric Dermatology Different from Adult Dermatology?

While adult and pediatric conditions may overlap, the care is not always the same. As we look after your child’s skin, we carefully choose and adjust our treatments and approaches to provide the least invasive and most effective options available. DermSurgery Associates offers everything from simple screenings to advanced medical solutions so you can rest assured your child’s skin is cared for, no matter the concern.

When Should I Take My Child to the Dermatologist?

How do you know when it’s time to seek professional help for your child’s skin condition? Things like rashes, warts, and pimples can be common, but sometimes over-the-counter remedies don’t work or conditions reach a level that can’t be treated at home. Consider bringing your child in for a visit if he or she is experiencing:

  • Severe or persistent acne
  • Unexplained rashes
  • New or growing moles
  • Skin infections
  • Very dry skin
  • Hair loss

Of course, this is not an exhaustive list. Prevention is always the best medicine, so do not hesitate to give us a call or schedule an appointment at one of our locations if you notice anything irregular about your child’s skin.

Why Choose DermSurgery Associates for Pediatric Dermatology?

Our board-certified dermatologists are highly experienced and trained in treating pediatric patients. In addition to exceptional care, they always offer a warm and supportive approach to make you and your child feel welcome. Our doctors won’t just treat your child; they will provide the education you need as a caregiver to keep his or her skin healthy for years to come.

Dr. Boulos, our board-certified pediatric dermatologist, was recently featured in an article in the Houston Chronicle regarding pediatric melanoma.

To learn more about pediatric dermatology or find a Greater Houston, TX, location near you, please request a consultation or call (713) 791-9966.