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DermSurgery Associates – Houston Dermatologist | What Is Alopecia and What Is the Best Way to Treat It?

What Is Alopecia & What Is the Best Way to Treat It?

Affecting nearly 7 million Americans, alopecia is a frustrating condition. What is alopecia? The short answer is “hair loss,” but the longer answer takes into account the various types of alopecia. Alopecia areata, for instance, is a condition that causes hair to fall out in small, often unnoticed patches. The condition can worsen into alopecia universalis, …

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DermSurgery Associates – Houston Dermatologist | 5 Spring Skin-Care Tips

5 Spring Skin-Care Tips

Spring means it’s time to renovate your skin-care routine New baby-green leaves on the trees, blooming wildflowers, warmer weather. The signs of spring are everywhere. The change in the season affects our bodies, just as it affects the natural world around us. As the environment shifts, so should your skin care routine. Here are the …

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