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image of woman smiling after Daxxify treatment (model)


If you rely on BOTOX injections for smooth, youthful-looking skin, you've probably heard that there is a new player in the world of injectables. DAXXIFY is an FDA-approved neurotoxin that retains most of the benefits of BOTOX with a few added advantages. Before you decide to switch from BOTOX to DAXXIFY, however, it's helpful to …

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DermSurgery Associates

Dr. Jih Provides Insights on Checking Moles

Dr. Ming Jih, board-certified dermatologist at DermSurgery Associates in Houston, was interviewed by Houston Methodist's online magazine about checking your skin for moles and when to see a doctor about a suspicious mole. She provides tips for assessing moles to ensure that your skin remains healthy. In this article, she explains the ABCDEs of moles to determine …

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