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A woman's smooth underarm.

Summer-Ready Underarms with Dr. Riahi!

It sure is hot out there! Don’t let sweat stains get you down! Excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis can be a frustrating and embarrassing condition for many people. Living in the humid environment of Houston doesn’t help! Unfortunately, many people are unable to find treatments that can provide them relief. Options include: Medications that prevent sweating. …

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Records of Dr. William Waidhofer Transferred to DermSurgery – Willowbrook

Dr. William Doubleday at DermSurgery Associates - Willowbrook to handle patients for Cypress Fairbanks Dermatology Patients Please be aware that, due to the unfortunate terminal illness of Dr. William Waidhofer of Cypress Fairbanks Dermatology, patient records are being transferred to Dr. William Doubleday at the Willowbrook location for DermSurgery Associates: DermSurgery – Willowbrook18220 State Highway 249, Suite 270Houston Methodist Willowbrook MOB IHouston, TX 77070 Appointments Phone: …

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