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Tips for skin care during COVID-19

6 Dermatologist-Approved Tips for Skin Care During COVID-19

Any disruption to your daily routine can bring about changes to your skin. So it’s no surprise the COVID-19 social distancing recommendations have many people searching for the best ways to care for their skin, especially between in-person visits to the dermatologist. Our Houston-area professionals compiled a few helpful tips for giving your skin the …

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TELEMEDICINE: News you can use

Access to Medicare telehealth services has been broadened so that beneficiaries can receive certain services without having to travel. This benefit is temporary in response to the threat of Coronavirus. Patients who are at a high-risk of complications from the virus are encouraged to use these services with our participating dermatologists and PA’s. Telemedicine generally …

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DermSurgery Associates offices are open during regular business hours. We have put safeguards in place and are rescheduling patients who are actively ill or patients have potential exposure to COVID19. Please remember to practice good hygiene. Some of our Physicians & PA’s will be able to host a virtual telemedicine visit for you. Please contact …

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