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PicoSure® Aesthetic Laser Treatments Offer Revolutionary Approach for Tattoo Removal and Treatment of Scars, Wrinkles, and Other Skin Discoloration

Are you looking for a safe, but effective way to revitalize your skin? Maybe you have a tattoo you wish you could forget, or acne scarring that keeps you from looking your best. Then PicoSure® laser treatments from DermSurgery Associates may be just what you need. DermSurgery Associates clinics in the Houston Metro area strive …

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Laser Tattoo Removal at DermSurgery Associates

Did you make a really bad decision on a really good summer adventure and get a tattoo you wish you hadn’t? Now it feels like a life sentence? We have good news! Tattoos aren’t so permanent anymore. With the Q-Switched Ruby Laser and PicoSure Laser, the experienced physicians at DermSurgery Associates can help make your …

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