Laser Tattoo Removal at DermSurgery Associates

DermSurgery Associates

Did you make a really bad decision on a really good summer adventure and get a tattoo you wish you hadn’t? Now it feels like a life sentence?

We have good news! Tattoos aren’t so permanent anymore. With the Q-Switched Ruby Laser and PicoSure Laser, the experienced physicians at DermSurgery Associates can help make your tattoo just a bad memory.

Tattoo removal before and after.

With these non-invasive, non-surgical solutions, we can quickly and easily remove unwanted tattoos. These laser treatments designed to destroy and absorb the ink molecules of blue, grey and black tattoos, leave you with clear skin and desired results. And with an injected local anesthetic, it’ll be a lot less painless than getting the tattoo in the first place.

Tattoo removal is available at the DermSurgery Associates clinic at 7515 South Main in the Medical Center. Call us today and find out how easy and painless it is to let that bad decision go.

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