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Access to Medicare telehealth services has been broadened so that beneficiaries can receive certain services without having to travel. This benefit is temporary in response to the threat of Coronavirus. Patients who are at a high-risk of complications from the virus are encouraged to use these services with our participating dermatologists and PA’s.

Telemedicine generally refers to the exchange of medical information through electronic communication to improve your health. By using electronic communication, we limit community spread of the virus and limit the exposure to other patients and staff members. We have condensed service options for people who need skin cancer surgeries and other urgent procedures. These options may include first having a telemed appointment and, based on the diagnosis, then scheduling for a biopsy w/ frozen sections and surgery same day, thus reducing potential exposure.

We will work with you to make the decision that is best for you.

Call your DermSurgery Associates Dermatologist or PA for information regarding telemed appointments.

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