Sun Damage Treatment Options Available at DermSurgery Associates

Sun damaged skin.

Congratulations! You scheduled your annual skin check and now you have your results. Maybe your dermatologist noticed some sun damage, which can manifest as age spots, freckles, changing moles, dry skin, wrinkles and early aging signs, even actinic keratosis or skin cancer.

So, what do you do next? Now is the time to schedule your follow-up appointment with your nearest DermSurgery Associates clinic. Choose any one of our 16 locations in the Houston Metro area!

There are lots of effective therapies available to address any issues that were uncovered by the dermatologist at your recent skin check. Depending on your skin’s overall health and type, as well as the severity of damage, your DermSurgery Associates skin care expert will offer you a few treatment options.

From non-invasive procedures to more involved surgeries to be performed by highly skilled experts, some of the sun damage treatment options your dermatologist will consider for include: topical anti-inflammatory gel or cream, cryotherapy, chemical peels, laser resurfacing, shave excision or photodynamic therapy (PDT).

Sun Damage Treatments

Here are some of the treatments available at DermSurgery Associates clinics located around Houston. Click the links to find out more about the procedures as well as the conditions they most effectively address:

Most importantly, always trust the health of your skin to the professionals. Once your DermSurgery team detects sun damage, they can develop a treatment plan to treat current damage, help fend off future damage, and show you how to best protect and care for your unique skin – now and into the future.

Again, congratulations on getting that skin check done! Now that you know a little more about your options for sun damage treatment, call (713) 791-9966 or click here to schedule your follow-up procedure. You DermSurgery Associates skin care team is ready to help!

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