Does Microneedling Fix Sun Damage: 5 Skin Benefits of Microneedling

Woman in the sun feeling the effects of uv damage (model)

Nonsurgical treatments are now more popular than ever. If you are looking to refresh and rejuvenate your sun-damaged skin’s texture, SkinPen® microneedling easily fits into even the busiest of schedules. How can you benefit from microneedling? The skin professionals at DermSurgery list a few reasons you should consider this highly effective treatment.

What Is Microneedling?

Before we explain all the benefits of this very popular procedure, let’s talk about how it works. Microneedling uses small, ultra-fine needles to create tiny channels in the skin and accelerate the body’s natural repair process.

This mechanism leads to the remodeling of elastin and collagen as various growth factors are released beneath the treated areas. In turn, the skin becomes smoother and firmer over time. SkinPen is the only device of its kind that is cleared by the FDA for marketing and use in the US.

How Does Microneedling Work?

FIRST: Inflammation is caused, then the body’s immune system gets to work to disinfect the damaged areas, remove debris, generate more blood flow and create new skin tissue.

SECOND: Wounded areas are re-constructed with temporary collagen and elastin as well as new granulation cells. During this process, new blood cells develop.

THIRD: This is the remodeling phase. New blood vessels and dermal tissues replace the wound, and a stronger type of collagen appears to tighten the skin.

With SkinPen treatments, a nourishing serum is applied to the skin to introduce essential nutrients that will aid in healing and optimizing your results. Now that we’ve covered the basics, learn more about its benefits below.

Benefits of Microneedling

Part of microneedling’s appeal is that it treats a variety of skin concerns, from skin laxity and hyperpigmentation to acne scarring and wrinkling. People also love it because it doesn’t require a lot of downtime, and it’s effective for Fitzpatrick skin types I to VI. Here are a few more benefits:

#1: Reduces the Effects of Sun Damage

If you’ve spent too much time in the sun, you may begin to see your skin take on a blotchy appearance with hyperpigmentation, age spots, enlarged pores, and a rough texture. Microneedling stimulates new collagen and skin cell turnover, resulting in a refreshed look with more evenly toned skin.

#2: Diminishes Scars & Stretch Marks

Microneedling promotes collagen and elastin production, helping to reduce the appearance of scarring and stretch marks. This treatment is particularly good for acne scarring (learn more in our related blog post), surgical scars, burns, enlarged pores, and stretch marks. This treatment is not as effective on deep, raised scars.

#3. Combats Signs of Aging

The effects of aging can show in fine lines, wrinkles, and the loss of elasticity in your facial and neck skin. When microneedling boosts collagen and elastin production, the compounds in your skin begin to add structure and strength back to your treated areas. This results in smoother, firmer-looking skin. SkinPen is particularly effective for areas such as the neck, helping those with “Tech Neck” and neck wrinkles enjoy younger-looking skin.

#4: Improves Effectiveness of Topical Products

After treatment, the micro-channels in your skin receive creams, serums, and other topical products more effectively than before. This means that the products are being delivered deeper into your skin, supplementing your skin’s overall appearance and health.

#5: Enhances Other Treatments

During your consultation, we will evaluate your concerns and suggest whether your microneedling treatment can be combined with other skin rejuvenation treatments. SkinPen can be paired with a gentle laser treatment, such as Clear + Brilliant™, which improves the skin’s tone and texture, shrinks pores, and minimizes early signs of aging in a way that microneedling alone may not accomplish.

To further enhance your results, you can also combine your treatment with BOTOX® Cosmetic, dermal fillers, and other laser skin treatments.

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