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The more we learn about skin cancer, the more we understand how important early detection is. Starting in March 2017 and ending May 31, 2017,  residents in and around The Woodlands, Texas, will have access to free limited skin cancer screenings performed the first Thursday of every month at DermSurgery Associates’ office in The Woodlands. Hurry, space is limited.

Virtually all organizations within the cancer treatment and prevention industry strongly encourage people to have their skin checked annually for early signs of three types of cancers: melanoma, squamous cell carcinoma and basal cell carcinoma. In the majority of cases, early detection can allow for the eradication of these cancers before any serious harm is done.

What is a skin cancer check?

Having a skin cancer check is very simple. The technician will review your medical history and then examine your skin for the various signals that may point to a cancerous situation. Often the first signs of skin cancer will be oddly shaped moles or lesions with unusual colors. In many cases, only a trained provider will be able to detect the earliest stages of cancer, which is why regular skin checks are so important.

If skin cancer is suspected, a biopsy may be performed in order to understand the spot/lesion better. If skin cancer is diagnosed, treatment options will be discussed and initiated.

Most people have moles and other “odd” spots on their bodies that are not cancerous. But it’s for this very reason that annual skin checks are necessary – it’s easy for the average person to miss what a trained technician can catch early.

The dermatologists at The Woodlands, Texas, dermatology office

DermSurgery’s Woodlands office opened in July 2016 to serve the community with dermatological services for adults and children. Two fantastic physicians work with the DermSurgery team in The Woodlands. They are Dr. Matthew Sewell and Dr. Diane Trieu.

Board-certified in dermatology and pediatric dermatology, Dr. Sewell is a native of Louisiana. He worked as a pharmacist while attending medical school. His training included a residency in dermatology followed by fellowships in laser and pediatric dermatology. His areas of special interest include the treatment of acne, eczema, hemangiomas, psoriasis, pigmentary disorders and skin cancer.

Dr. Diane Trieu is a board certified dermatologist who has completed an additional year of training in Procedural Dermatology. She specializes in Mohs Micrographic Surgery for the treatment of skin cancers, dermatologic surgery, cosmetic surgery and the treatment of pre-cancers.

The entire team is committed to creating comfortable and pleasant experiences for all of our patients. Each individual we see is important to us, and we’ll take the time to listen and understand your needs as we work toward a successful treatment result.

To schedule an appointment with The Woodlands, Texas, dermatology offices of DermSurgery, call 713.791.1453. The clinic is located at 17183 I-45 South, Suite 510 in Houston Methodist’s new Medical Office Building.

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