What is submental fullness and how does the new product Kybella treat it?

Double Chin? Think Kybella Treatment for Submental Fullness.

A double chin can make you self-conscious. Ask your dermatologist how to get rid of it. Thanks to modern treatment advancements, the answer will likely contain the word “Kybella.”

How does Kybella remove my double chin?

Kybella is an FDA-approved drug fairly new to the market that gives people an option for treating that double chin without surgery.  The reason it works so well is that Kybella perfectly mimics deoxycholic acid, a substance made by the body to absorb fats.  Treatment works simply by destroying fat cells which tightens up the appearance of the chin and upper neck.

Essentially, Kybella duplicates the natural action of the body when there is sufficient deoxycholic acid.  For most patients, it’s a better choice than surgery or liposuction.

If you’re bothered by the extra accumulated fat that produces this thing we call a “double chin,” you’re not alone.  Research has shown that 80% or more of people who have a double chin are bothered by it.  Fortunately, Kybella addresses this in a safe and efficient manner.

What to expect with Kybella treatments

Each Kybella treatment takes in the neighborhood of 15 minutes.  You’ll receive a series of injections per treatment, and two or three treatments spaced about a month apart is the norm.  The best thing about treating a double chin with Kybella is that there’s no general anesthesia necessary, and you’ll be able to go right from the dermatologist’s office back into your busy day with virtually no down-time.

Because Kybella therapy is so effective, many people wonder if the drug could address fat on other parts of the body.  More research is needed to determine if Kybella would be effective on larger fatty areas.  For now, Kybella is approved by the FDA only for fat in the neck and chin area.

If you’re looking for a proven method for addressing double chin issues, Kybella might be your perfect solution.  The helpful staff at Derm Surgery Associates of Houston can schedule an appointment for you to talk with a licensed dermatologist about Kybella and how it can work for you.  Call Derm Surgery at 713.791.9966.

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