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Another Thanksgiving may have come and gone, and if you’re like many people, a few new pounds may have shown up, adding to the appearance you’ve already been struggling to get under control. Do you have fatty areas that resist going away through exercise and dieting? Are you ready now to address this problem with a safe and highly effective solution?

CoolSculpting is a revolutionary treatment alternative to liposuction. The process involves your dermatologist using a state-of-the-art  device that works to freeze fatty tissue beneath your skin. Frozen fat cells then die and are naturally – and permanently – eliminated from the body.

With CoolSculpting treatment, you can target many areas of your body that have built-up fat that resists all your efforts to get rid of it. Whether you need some reducing around your neck, on your thighs, on your stomach or just about anywhere else, CoolSculpting is the way to go.

Why CoolSculpting is different

CoolSculpting is different from liposuction and other processes designed to quickly or eventually lead to less fat on the body. The CoolSculpting process is totally non-invasive and much gentler on patients. There are no needles, no downtime and no surgical intervention. It’s an outpatient procedure with minimal discomfort and side effects, meaning you can have your treatment and get right back to your busy schedule.

It’s important to note that CoolSculpting is not a weight-loss therapy. It is an option for many people who have truly stubborn areas of fatty tissue that calorie-reduction simply can’t resolve. Cool-Sculpting resolves these areas rapidly.

Because CoolSculpting is not a diet, we encourage patients to not rely on it alone for all your body-shaping needs and goals. Through a calorie-reduced diet and a consistent exercise program, you’ll be able to enjoy an overall reduction in body fat. CoolSculpting is designed to help with fatty areas that linger no matter how much dieting you do.

When administered by a board certified dermatologist or other trained healthcare provider, CoolSculpting is very safe. The procedure is approved by the FDA and has been proven time and time again to be the ideal treatment for the majority of patients seeking to reduce fatty areas.

In as little as three weeks, you’ll begin seeing satisfying results in the areas you’ve had treated. More dramatic results will begin to appear between one and three months after treatment.

If some Thanksgiving over-indulgence has left you feeling like it’s time to take control of your unwanted bulges, DermSurgery Associates is here to help. With CoolSculpting to target stubborn fatty areas and a little diet and exercise on your part, you’ll be on the road to a great new you this holiday season.

CoolSculpting is offered at our Main Office as well as our Bellaire and Kingwood locations. Each office may be contacted directly to schedule an appointment.

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