Quick! Treat Summer Acne Fast at DermSurgery Associates

Summer acne can be a huge problem for both teens and adults. We’re out in the sun, where we sweat more. The summer heat causes our skin to generate more oil. Pores get clogged with sebum. And bacteria proliferate! It’s an ugly cycle – yuck.

The heat and humidity are simply inescapable in Houston, Texas. So how does one go about tackling summer acne, head on? The highly trained dermatologists and staff at DermSurgery Associates have the answer. Here’s what they recommend…

You want to stop summer acne in its tracks, but it’s important not to approach it with a sledgehammer. To much cleaning and scrubbing will only make things worse.

Rather, be gentle with your skin. Here are a few tips:

1 – Avoid sugary drinks and foods. They are pro-inflammatory and will lead to increased oil production. Instead, drink lots of water.

2 – Swap out heavy skin-care products for lighter ones, like oil-free moisturizers.

3 – Exfoliate gently!

4 – Use a topical antioxidant and sunblock every day.

5 – Your skin is different from that of your friends, kids, family…everyone. Visit with the dermatologist at your local DermSurgery Associates to work up a custom skin-care regime designed to support the unique needs of your skin. They have a toolbox of treatments to offer and can recommend something just for you.

Make an appointment with a dermatologist at one of the 13 convenient DermSurgery Associates clinics located across the Houston Metro area today. Get in front of summer acne! Click here or call (713) 791-9966 to set an appointment and discover the treatment options that are right for you.

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