Supporting Our Community with COVID-19 Vaccines

DermSurgery Associates was honored to receive a very limited number of COVID-19 vaccines that we administered to our physicians, nurses, employees, patients who are healthcare workers, and highest-risk patients. We were able to have the greatest impact on our community by vaccinating our healthcare workers and patients who are healthcare workers, allowing us to keep our employees safe as well as our patients and their loved ones.

Dr. Leonard Goldberg, FCRP, FAAD, administered the vaccines to our doctors and staff. He is known for his ability to give shots painlessly, which made the process even better!

Dr. Goldberg administers COVID-19 vaccine

Dr. Leonard Goldberg administers the COVID-19 vaccine to Dr. Esta Kronberg.

We are very grateful for having received a limited number of vaccines to help protect our staff, patients, and those most at risk.

We are so grateful to the State of Texas for enabling us to impact the community in this way.


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