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As we move into 2016, most of us can think ahead to what will probably be another busy year of coming and going and growing and learning. Why not kick off the year by making a healthy choice for you and your skin? It’s easy and quick, with a comprehensive skin check.

A skin check performed by a qualified dermatologist is the absolute best first line of defense against skin cancer. A proper examination of the skin is the only definitive way to rule out – or diagnose – the presence of cancer, often in the form of a mole or similar skin spot.

Every mole isn’t cancerous, thankfully, but the untrained observer can’t tell the difference between a “healthy” spot and an unhealthy spot, especially in the early stages of abnormal cell activity. The idea behind having a skin check is to spot a problem before it becomes complicated. Various methods are available to address skin cancer issues, including world-recognized Mohs Surgery.

Why do people get skin cancer?

Most skin cancer cases can be traced back to over-exposure to the sun. Of course, the sun doesn’t cause this condition in everyone it shines on, but like with the roulette wheel, everything’s random and no favorites are played. Some genetic and gender factors can cause a person to be more likely to develop skin cancer, but being in the sun for lengths of time with unprotected skin is dangerous, no matter your predisposition.

What does skin cancer look like?

The majority of people have moles, and many have what we call age spots and sun spots. A spot or mole in its normal state isn’t a concern. When it begins changing in appearance, it’s time to take a much closer look. Appearance changes can include color, size, shape and texture. This is an indication of skin cancer. But remember – skin cancer can be detected before any noticeable skin changes occur.

Are there different kinds of skin cancer?

Yes, there are several including actinic keratosis, squamous cell carcinoma, basal cell carcinoma and melanoma. The two carcinomas are the most common, but melanoma is the most deadly. While alterations in blemishes on your skin can be observed, there’s no way of knowing the type of cancer it is without a skin exam by a board-certified dermatologist.

Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the U.S. The American Academy of Dermatology reports that one in every five Americans will develop skin cancer during their lifetimes. When caught and treated early, prognosis is generally very good. This is why DermSurgery Associates of Houston join dermatology clinics across the country in strongly encouraging everyone to schedule annual skin checks and get a positive and healthy jump on the new year. Call 713.791.9966 to make an appointment.

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