(QUIZ) What Is the Best Acne Treatment for You?

woman examining her acne in mirror (model)

Finding the best treatment for acne-related skin concerns can be frustrating and confusing. Often you need professional guidance to identify the type of acne you have and choose the best treatment option.

Do you know all your acne treatment options? Take this quiz to learn more about various acne treatments and how to choose the right one.

At DermSurgery Associates, we create a customized acne treatment plan so you can enjoy clear, glowing skin once again. We use laser and light-based treatments, including AviClear™ and intense pulsed light (IPL), to decrease sebum production or acne-causing bacteria for clearer, smoother skin. Some of these treatments even improve acne scars and redness.

If you are ready to treat your acne issues with the help of our experienced dermatology team, request a consultation or call us at (713) 791-9966 to schedule an appointment.

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