Get Your Skin Ready for the Holidays with Fraxel Laser Skin Treatment

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Would you like to have a new face in time for Christmas this year? More specifically, would you like to make some major headway against wrinkles, scars, fine lines, sun damage and other skin issues between now and the holidays? It’s very possible to do just that, with a Fraxel laser skin treatment from DermSurgery Associates.

Fraxel Re:Store, Fraxel Dual and Fraxel Re:Pair – one of them could be just right for you in helping you look younger and feel better about your appearance. Let’s take a look at each treatment.

Fraxel Re:Store

Here’s a gentle laser skin treatment that does its magic while requiring little or no recovery time on your part. With just four to six treatments, you can target problems such as moderate wrinkling, sun damaged skin, pigmentation loss, fine lines, surgical scars, mild skin laxity, stretch marks and more.

Fraxel Re:Store can be used on various body areas where improvement in appearance is desired. With minimal side effects, it’s a safe and easy procedure when administered by a licensed dermatologist.

Fraxel Dual

The most popular among the Fraxel family, Fraxel Dual laser skin treatment is a great choice for skin resurfacing and rejuvenation with little downtime after the procedure.

Look at some of the skin problems different laser levels of Fraxel Dual can address:

  • Surgical scars and acne scars
  • Age spots, sun spots, actinic keratosis and melasma
  • Periorbital wrinkles
  • Actinic keratosis
  • Fine lines and moderate wrinkles
  • Mottled pigmentation/loss of pigmentation
  • And many other problems that detract from the beauty of your skin

Four to six treatments are usually all that is required, and you’ll be pleased to watch your skin continue to improve for several months afterward.

When targeting aging and sun-damaged skin, Fraxel Dual’s microscopic laser goes deep under the skin to encourage a regeneration of collagen and stimulate new skin cells to form. Only a fraction of tissue is treated at a time, which means quick healing.

If more vibrant, younger-looking skin with improved texture and tone is on your wish list this holiday season, Fraxel Dual can make those wishes come true.

Fraxel Re:Pair

Here’s a laser skin treatment that offers the wonderful benefits of other ablative resurfacing laser treatment but with less downtime and side effects. Why? The main reason is because with Fraxel Re:Pair, skin heals in a vertical direction rather than from side to side, as with traditional ablative therapy.

“Fractional” technology is used in both Fraxel Dual and Fraxel Re:Pair. The difference is in how it is used. Fraxel Re:Pair targets tissue deep within the skin with a carbon dioxide laser, which has a vaporizing effect. While one or two treatments are usually sufficient, there is a little more downtime and wound-recovery time than with other Fraxel treatments.

Fraxel Re:Pair is a powerful procedure that is the treatment of choice for very severe skin damage. With this Fraxel treatment, you’ll get:

  • Excellent results in just one visit
  • Skin texture and tone that is significantly smother and more uniform
  • A very obvious softening of wrinkles and deep frown lines
  • Lessening of the redness that comes from sun damage

And the improvement will continue for up to six months as deeper skin layers continue to heal.

To learn more about any of our Fraxel treatments, contact a skin expert at DermSurgery Associates.  Immediate appointments are available with Dr. Brundha Balaraman at 713-669-9222 or Dr. Ming Jih and Dr. Lucile White at 713-791-9966.

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