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Did you know there are safe and efficient adult acne treatments for both blemishes and scarring?

Acne scarring before and after. There’s good and bad news about acne. The bad news is that for some people, acne is a problem far beyond their teenage years. The good news is that nearly every case of acne can be brought under control with the proper treatment geared to treat adult acne. This winter, do something great for your skin by looking into our advanced treatments for acne.

One of our specialties at DermSurgery Associates of Houston is adult acne treatments as well as treatment of the scarring that acne can produce. Many of our patients come to us worried that they’ll never again have clear, vibrant skin. They usually leave amazed by the results. Let’s look first at why certain adults get acne and then review some of the available treatments.

Reasons adults get (or continue to have) acne

While most people have their bouts with acne as teenagers and are then done with it, others have this skin condition throughout much of their adult lives. You might be surprised to learn that the most common demographic that seeks ways to treat adult acne is women in menopause.

The reason for this is that women’s hormone levels fluctuate quite a bit during menopause. Hormone issues, which may lead to an outbreak of acne, can also arise for women during their periods, during pregnancy, when initiating or ending therapy with birth control pills, and prior to the onset of menopause.

Other things that can lead to acne in adults of both sexes include:

  • Stress: When stressed, our bodies produce hormones that affect oil glands and hair follicles, which can lead to various levels of acne.
  • Genetics: In many cases, people whose close relatives have acne also have it themselves.
  • Products for skin and hair: Substances we use on our bodies can lead to acne. When purchasing hair and skin products, look for terms on the labels such as “Won’t clog pores,” “Non-acnegenic,” “Non-comedogenic,” and “Oil-free.”
  • Medications: Some medicines list acne as one of their side effects. If you’ve been prescribed one of these drugs, ask your doctor if there’s an alternative. If there isn’t, consult with a dermatologist, who can help you control the resulting acne.
  • Medical conditions: Acne is a symptom of certain illnesses. If you suspect you have an acne-producing condition, talk with your doctor and dermatologist.

These are a few of the things that can lead to acne. Aside from genetics and certain medical conditions, causes of acne are under your control to some extent. But if you find it difficult to modify or eradicate the cause of the problem, your next step is to treat the problem directly.

Ways to treat adult acne

Fortunately in the majority of cases, acne can be treated and controlled and scarring can be healed or kept to a minimum. DermSurgery provides the following professional treatments.

PDT Acne Laser/Light Treatment

The ideal treatment for active acne, scarring and oily skin, PDT Acne Laser/Light therapy shrinks the skin glands that over-produce oil, stimulates the production of collagen to minimize the appearance of scarring, and decreases the production of bacteria.

Active acne is also treated with topical medication and prescription drugs.

Dermal fillers

These powerful skin-restorers are made with non-animal compounds, so skin-testing isn’t required. They treat mild acne scarring by restoring fullness to the skin.

Fraxel Dual

Another great acne scar treatment that focuses on the resurfacing and rejuvenation of the skin.

V-Beam Perfecta Cynergy

This laser light therapy is the gold standard for treating skin lesions caused by a variety of conditions including acne.

If you’re an adult suffering with acne this winter, you should learn more about DermSurgery’s safe and modern adult acne treatments. We’ll help you to look your best and keep on looking your best all winter. If you have any questions, call us today at 731.791.9966.

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