How can I tighten my skin? The Answer is Thermage

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“How can I tighten my skin?” That’s one we often hear – and say – as we get older. Fortunately, there’s an answer called Thermage.

Aging is a part of life, and we all accept that. You can’t turn back the biological clock, in other words. But where our skin is concerned, there’s definitely something we can do to slow down the effects of aging. Thermage is a powerful, non-invasive treatment that targets loose, saggy skin and wrinkles in all their varieties.

When administered by a trained dermatologist, Thermage is able to smooth and tighten skin that is becoming loose and droopy by using advanced radio frequency. People who ask, “How can I tighten my skin” are desirous of a safe and effective method to make their skin look younger and more contoured. They want to improve cellulite conditions. They want to feel better about themselves and not “age before their time.”

Issues that Thermage can be used to address

People seek Thermage therapy for problems with loose skin and wrinkles including those we refer to as laugh lines, forehead lines and Marionette lines, which are lines that run down from the sides of the mouth. Thermage is one of the most popular treatments for these and similar skin problems in many areas of the body including the hands, eyelids, buttocks, abdomen, neck and other areas where sagging skin and wrinkles are a problem.

How Thermage works

The radio frequency administered during Thermage treatment actually jump-starts the natural renewal process of the body. It’s a four-step process:

  1. To ensure patient comfort and safety, step one is the delivery of a cooling effect to the area of the skin being treated.
  2. The dermatologist places the Thermage treatment tip on the skin.
  3. Radio frequency is released from the tip, penetrating skin tissue with healing heat that stimulates the production of collagen, which is what brings about the smoothing and tightening effect.
  4. Finally, cryogen is delivered to the skin to safely cool it.

A lot of people who seek Thermage treatment have tried other methods to “tighten my skin” such as exercise, wraps, creams and sometimes even surgery. Once they discover Thermage, they breathe a sigh of relief. Look at some of the benefits of Thermage.

  • The majority of patients enjoy great results with just one treatment.
  • Clinical trials have shown Thermage to be safe when administered by a trained medical professional.
  • Totally non-invasive – no implements penetrate your body, and no anesthesia is necessary.
  • No down-time, which means when treatment is finished, you’re ready to get back to normal activities.
  • Through collagen production, the results are real, not temporary like with some other forms of so-called saggy skin therapy.
  • Works effectively on many areas of the body.

If you’ve been wondering how to address some of the effects of aging on your skin, if you keep asking yourself, “How do I tighten my skin?” then you should call DermSurgery Associates of Houston and find out if Thermage is right for you. Our friendly staff can answer your questions and schedule a convenient appointment.

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