Forehead Wrinkles at Different Ages (and How to Treat Them)

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The face is the first place to show signs of aging, and wrinkles are a common culprit. If you’ve ever looked in the mirror and frowned at new lines crossing your forehead, know you’re not alone. Forehead wrinkles are created by repeatedly frowning, squinting, or making other expressions. Each time you move your facial muscles, your skin is pulled and tugged, eventually etching permanent grooves along the surface. 

Like most skincare problems, as you get older your forehead wrinkles will likely become more prominent. Depending on your age, the way you tone and smooth your skin may change. What’s best for your skin? Here are a few dermatologist approved treatments we offer our Houston patients at DermSurgery Associates.

In Your 20s

In your mid-to-late 20s, you may begin to notice pesky forehead wrinkles for the very first time. Your body loses collagen and elastin as you grow older—which means your skin struggles to bounce back into shape. You can usually treat very fine and superficial lines with a dedicated skincare routine. Also, topical treatments such as retinol or vitamin C serums can protect the skin from further wear by stimulating collagen. 

If you want to freshen up your face and give your skin a little support, consider facial treatments such as chemical peels or microdermabrasion. Both of these options are great at exfoliating and removing dry, dead skin cells that settle into facial lines and highlight their appearance. 

In Your 30s and 40s

If you’re new to the skincare world and didn’t make it in time for prevention, there are plenty of treatments for mild to moderate forehead wrinkles. One of the most popular options is a household name: the one and only BOTOX®. BOTOX minimizes wrinkles by relaxing the muscles that pull on the skin when you make expressions. If the muscles don’t pull, the skin remains smooth and flat, helping you look more youthful and refreshed. 

BOTOX is a versatile treatment and can be used to treat forehead lines, lines between the brows, and even crow’s feet. To complement your BOTOX results, you may also consider adding dermal fillers to touch up undereye circles or plump up thinning lips. 

In Your 50s & Beyond

Once you enter your 50s, 60s, and 70s, wrinkles are an unavoidable part of life. However, a few targeted skincare treatments can rejuvenate the forehead and help your skin look more tight and toned. Laser procedures such as Fraxel® stimulate new collagen production and kick-start cell turnover. Other options such as Thermage® use non-invasive radiofrequency (RF) energy to tighten wrinkled, crepey skin and smooth out forehead lines, laugh lines, and more. 

Forehead wrinkles happen to all of us, but using the right treatments for your age can help take years off your appearance. If you would like to speak with a dermatologist in Houston about your skincare options, please request a consultation online or call (713) 791-9966 to schedule an appointment.

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