Empower yourself: be an educated and informed patient.

Woman having face examined by medical professional.

As a patient, you are constantly being marketed to. Arm yourself with knowledge and know how to find the appropriate provider for your issues.

1. Only see a board-certified Dermatologist for your skin conditions! Some providers will market themselves or their practice as “Dermatology”; however, they have never received ANY formal training in dermatology! Anybody can name their practice a skin center or dermatology office. ALWAYS look up and ensure the doctor has completed a Dermatology residency and is a board-certified Dermatologist.

2. Make sure to look up your doctor’s credentials! If you are having a hard time finding this information, chances are the doctor has something to hide! Any real board-certified Dermatologist will make this credentialing obvious. Unfortunately, some doctors will hide behind terms like “cosmetic surgeon” or “board-certified doctor” – these are not real titles! You need to know the specific area of medicine the doctor is board certified in. If you are going to see a “skin doctor” who trained in internal medicine or OBGYN, you are putting yourself at risk!

3. When in doubt, ask! The first question an educated patient should ask is what specialty the doctor is board certified in. Dr. Riahi has his board certification present online and in his office proudly on display.

Make sure your provider has appropriate credentialing. Dr. Riahi is a board-certified Dermatologist and here for any issues you have with your skin

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