Discover Fraxel and Other Laser Dermatology Treatments at DermSurgery Associates & Close Out the Year with Your Best Skin Ever!

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With all the amazing Fraxel and other laser dermatology treatment options available to you at DermSurgery Associates, there is no reason not to show off your best skin ever this holiday season!

New treatments emerge every day, so this is a good time to check in to learn about all the new options on the market. Make your appointment with one of our expert dermatologists today to find out what treatments might be most effective for your unique skin.

Whether you want to reduce acne scars or sun damage, remove unwanted tattoos, treat skin lesions, minimize fine lines or pigmentation, or resurface rough skin, your DermSurgery Associates skin care specialist will recommend a treatment designed to deliver superior results.

Here are just a few of the advanced laser treatments we offer at the DermSurgery Associates clinics located across the Greater Houston Area:

Fraxel Laser Dermatology Treatment:

Fraxel is a fractional skin resurfacing treatment. It is designed to improve tone, texture and radiance. Fraxel offers several levels of laser treatment, including Fraxel® Re:Store, Fraxel® Re:Pair and Fraxel® Dual, each addressing various conditions.

Cutera LimeLight Laser Dermatology Treatment:

The Cutera LimeLight delivers a non-invasive light treatment that can be customized for different skin tones and aging skin conditions.

V-Beam Perfecta Cynergy Laser Dermatology Treatment:

Do you have scarring or blemishes due to skin conditions like acne? This laser light therapy may be ideal for you!

PicoSure Laser Dermatology Treatment:

PicoSure is an effective therapy for minimizing blemishes, scars, and even stubborn, treatment-resistant tattoos.

XTRAC Laser Dermatology Treatment:

Even painful and annoying skin conditions like psoriasis, vitiligo, atopic dermatitis, and leukoderma can be treated effectively with advanced laser therapy. The XTRAC targets these conditions in difficult-to-treat areas like the scalp, hands and feet.

You deserve to feel beautiful in your skin this holiday season! Make your appointment now to find out what treatments might be most effective for you. Call us today at (713) 791-9966 or click here to request an appointment online. Let us help you glow this season!

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