Consumer Alert: Beware of the Risks of Undergoing a Cosmetic Procedure at a Medspa

Man in scrubs and handcuffs.

On the surface, it may seem convenient and luxurious to pop into the local medspa for your next cosmetic procedure. However, keep in mind that in the wrong environment, these seemingly simple treatments can go terribly wrong. Improperly sanitized tools, insufficiently trained employees and a lack of medically trained supervision can result in botched procedures.

A medical clinic like DermSurgery Associates is staffed with physicians and highly trained experts with years of medical education and technical skills that ensure procedural precision and a sanitary and safe experience before, during and after your treatment.

Consider this cautionary tale…

Video thumbnail Dr. Esta Kronberg.













Call DermSurgery Associates today and make an appointment with a medically trained dermatologist to explore your options. Contact us at (713) 791-9966 or request an appointment online here. Don’t risk your health by trusting it to anyone but a highly trained professional.

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