Cold Weather Skin Care Tips You Need to Know

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Winter’s here, and your face and hands may be feeling the effects. Cold temperatures can create havoc in our skin by drying it out, which leads to cracking, splitting, roughing and all kinds of other things nobody wants to deal with. Here are some good cold weather skin care tips to help you out this winter.


Sometimes we don’t feel as thirsty in the winter as we do in the summer, but the body must have water to maintain a proper level of moisture. Cold wind will dry out your skin quickly, and it’ll be worse if you aren’t hydrated. Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water all winter long.

Cover up

The best way to protect the skin on your hands is to not let the cold air and wind get to it. Gloves are an excellent defense against the elements. Keep your arms protected by not spending long periods of time outside without long sleeves.

Creams and lotions

A good quality skin lotion can have near-miraculous effects in re-hydrating the skin on your face and hands and other areas of your body. A wide variety of different types of lotions are available, including versions specially formulated for damaged skin. Oil-based is usually best, but go with non-clogging types like almond, avocado or mineral oil.


A nice warm bath can rejuvenate your skin and ward off some of the effects of winter exposure. The key here is to add a moisturizing agent, such as bath beads, to the water. Plain water – especially very hot water – can actually dry out skin with extended soaks. (Go warm, not hot, for showers, too.)


Any time there’s sun, there’s a need for sunscreen. The sun can damage your skin, regardless of the outside temperature. Select a brand with an SPF of 15 or greater.


If you feel you need even more moisture than water and lotions can provide, consider running a humidifier indoors. It will add moisture to the air and treat your skin all the time you’re in the house.

Consult with a specialist

If you’re really having problems with your skin during the winter, you might benefit by seeing a specialist, such as the dermatologists at DermSurgery Associates of Houston. Most weather-related skin issues are easy to solve, but you may be experiencing something more severe, so it pays to get expert advice.

We hope these cold weather skin care tips are helpful for the common skin troubles of winter. If you have a situation that you believe needs to be evaluated by a professional, don’t hesitate to call DermSurgery at 713.791.9966.

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