Choosing the Best Skin Care Expert

Woman examining her face in the mirror.

What works and what doesn’t

From med spas to mall kiosks, there is an endless supply of “experts” out there with ideas about how you should care for your skin. How is a person to know what works, what’s safe and who to trust?

Your skin is the largest organ in your body, responsible protecting you from microbes and the elements, regulating body temperature, and supporting the sensations of pressure, heat and cold. You wouldn’t trust your heart health to a vendor at the mall. They why would you risk the health of your skin?

Three things to consider when you choose a skin care specialist:

Education – It’s important to do the research. Where did your skin care professional get his or her training? Was it a six-week program sponsored by a product manufacturer, was it a medical degree at an accredited university, or was it intensive study under an industry expert? What specialties did he or she develop? At a premier clinic like DermSurgery Associates, you’ll find a highly-trained team of skin-care experts with years of training in multiple specialties, from cosmetic procedures to skin cancer treatment.

Expertise – At a clinic like DermSurgery Associates, with a qualified team of physician’s assistants and aestheticians under the direction of more than 20 industry-leading physicians, you find extensive experience in a wide range of specialties for conditions affecting both children and adults.

Board Certification – As with any doctor, finding a board-certified physician ensures that your doctor has achieved top-level education and training. Review their fellowships, associations and accreditations. Check out the impressive credentials of the amazing DermSurgery Associates’ physicians, physician assistants and aestheticians; review our research and published work; and explore our many associations and accreditations. Call DermSurgery Associates at (713) 791-9966 or email us at [email protected] for more information or to schedule an appointment today. The care of your skin is essential to your overall health. Don’t trust it to just anyone.

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