3 Basic Tips for Treating Acne

Young woman examining forehead.

Treating acne can be a frustrating experience. Acne is a chronic (long-term) inflammatory condition of pores (pilosebaceous unit). While most people have acne during their teens, some can progress to later in life or even start in adulthood!

Dr. Riahi has 3 basic tips for keeping your skin acne free

1. Less is more! Over drying, using irritating products, and picking/scratching can worsen acne. Picking and popping pimples can also lead to scarring, which is permanent. If you are dealing with acne, utilize a simple anti acne wash like benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid (both available over the counter).

2. Eat healthy and drink plenty of water! Healthy eating and staying adequately hydrated can benefit people who deal with acne. Studies have shown that milk can trigger acne in some individuals. While healthy eating won’t cure bad acne, a good diet and provide some benefit to people.

3. Avoid acne-causing medications and facial products. Look for products that are labeled “non comedogenic” which means it does NOT cause acne.

Don’t let acne get you down. Take control by having a simple, effective skincare regimen and healthy diet. If this alone is not able to control your acne – don’t stress! Acne is common and impacts many people. Dr. Riahi loves to take care of acne and is available if you need help

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