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 Check out CoolSculpting by DermSurgery Associates for quick and safe fat loss.

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Are you like many others throughout the Houston area who have tried and tried to reduce fat in specific areas of your body but haven’t had very good results? Are you fed up with the fad diets, pills, programs and gurus who make promises that they can’t deliver on?

Let’s face it: the excess fat around your waist might seem less bothersome by giving it a cute name like “love handles.” But calling the fat on your buttocks and upper thighs “saddle bags” will never make the fact that it exists more pleasant. Fortunately, there’s a simplified, non-invasive method for getting rid of stubborn fat in the most common fat-storing areas of your body, regardless of the nickname you give it.

Introducing CoolSculpting for permanent fat loss

DermSurgery Associates recommends a process called CoolSculpting to many of our patients who have not been successful in eliminating excess fat through the traditional channels of diet and exercise. If you’ve ever jogged all over your neighborhood or run on a treadmill or did a million (or maybe a little fewer) sit-ups and push-ups, you know how much work it takes to begin affecting body fat. And even then, some fat truly is stubborn, a fact to which many a person will attest. The benefits of CoolSculpting, however, go beyond the effective removal of fat. Here’s why.

When people seek a medical procedure to assist them in reducing fat and losing weight, they’re often confronted with options like sonic wave treatment, laser surgery and traditional surgery. But did you know that these types of procedures can actually be harmful to you by burning and shattering and thereby destroying other tissue during the process? Additionally, extraction procedures for fat removal can extract healthy cells along with fat cells.

The end result? You may find a large menu of options out there, but you’ll find very few that are as safe and effective as CoolSculpting.

This truly advanced treatment uses cutting-edge technology to target only fat cells. There’s no “hit-and-miss” about it. The non-invasive procedure is much more effective in reducing unsightly fat than diet and exercise. And it’s significantly safer than any fad diet ever created.

CoolSculpting freezes then kills fat cells

So how does CoolSculpting work to reduce unwanted fat? As its name implies, it employs a cooling process to freeze fat cells beneath the skin and kill them. With this amazing treatment, only fat cells are affected; other cells are left alone without damage or removal. After the fat cells have been crystallized and killed, your body naturally eliminates them in a way that’s completely safe and natural.

Another benefit to CoolSculpting is convenience. Unlike with many fat-removal methods, there’s no downtime after treatment. A session lasts about an hour, which means you can easily fit it into your busy day.

After your first CoolSculpting visit with our skilled dermatologists, you’ll likely see a reduction of fat in the treated area(s). Several treatments are usually required, depending on the amount of fat that will be removed and your goals for your unique body shape.

Imagine – a fat-removal procedure that is non-invasive, quick, highly effective and produces only minor temporary side effects. Further, imagine a process that is overseen by a licensed dermatologist with only your best results in mind. If you have stubborn fat with silly names like “love handles” and “saddle bags,” you owe it to yourself to make an appointment with a specialist to determine if CoolSculpting is right for you. Call 713.791.9966 for your appointment today.

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