Mohs Skin Cancer Surgery: The Treatment of Choice for Most Patients

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A diagnosis of skin cancer is no laughing matter. Whether it’s common basal cell carcinoma or resistant melanoma, the condition must be promptly addressed. Mohs skin cancer surgery is the treatment that Houston-based DermSurgery Associates recommends for most patients.

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month, so this is a good time to learn a little about Mohs surgery, recognized around the world as the treatment of choice for most types of skin cancer.

Quick Facts About Mohs Surgery

The Mohs surgical method was developed by surgeon Frederic E. Mohs in 1938.  It has grown in popularity through the years for several reasons including:

  • Patients only need local anesthesia, making it far safer than a typical operation.
  • It is performed in an outpatient setting, meaning you come to the office, have the procedure, and then go back home.
  • It affects very little surrounding healthy tissue, allowing for a faster and more complete recovery.\

In addition, it has the highest cure rate compared to other surgical methods, which is the most important benefit of all.

How Is Mohs Surgery Performed?

The dermatologic surgeon (a pathologist) removes a small section of cancerous tissue from the patient’s  skin.  They then analyze the specimen for cancer cells while the patient waits.  This tells the surgeon where further tissue should be removed.  These steps are repeated until the lesion has been completely excised.

It’s important to note here that Mohs skin cancer surgery and all other medical/surgical procedures should be done only in a licensed clinic or facility and should be performed only by personnel trained in the implementation of the procedures. Before having any type of surgery, you should confirm the professional credibility and training of the individual(s) who will be attending to you.

Skin Cancer Efficacy says: “Mohs surgery has come to be accepted as the single most effective technique for removing Basal Cell Carcinoma and Squamous Cell Carcinoma . . . the two most common skin cancers. It accomplishes the nifty trick of sparing the greatest amount of healthy tissue while also most completely expunging cancer cells.”

As to the cure rate, is very clear: “[A]n unparalleled 98 percent or higher with Mohs, significantly better than the rates for standard excision or any other accepted method.” Learn more about the advantages of this procedure in our related blog post.

Why Choose Us for Your Mohs Procedure

When you arrange for safe and effective surgery for skin cancer at DermSurgery Associates, you’re in good hands. Our medical director is Dr. Leonard Goldberg, an award-winning, world-recognized leader in Mohs micrographic surgery. He is in demand as a speaker and has authored more than 200 publications. 

Joining Dr. Goldberg in treating skin cancer are Dr. Arash Kimyai-Asadi and Dr. Lucile E. White – two board-certified dermatologists who are fellowship-trained Mohs surgeons. Two of our other providers, Dr. Diane Trieu and Dr. Anne Drosou, completed their Mohs fellowship training under Dr. Goldberg.

When you choose DermSurgery, you’re choosing a highly qualified team of medical experts who understand skin cancer from every angle and are committed to bringing about the very best results in every patient.

This Skin Cancer Awareness Month, if you’ve been diagnosed with any form of skin cancer, please call us at 713.791.9966 and ask about the benefits of Mohs skin cancer surgery. If you haven’t, but have not completed an annual exam, all of your DermSurgery physicians are available for your annual skin exams.

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