Treat your brown spots, spider veins, wrinkles and other skin issues with DermSurgery’s wide array of devices

A natural part of the aging process is changes in the skin. As skin gets older, it becomes more lax and no longer has the healthy glow it had during youth. Brown spots, age spots, spider veins and pigment issues are other signs of aging skin. Sun damage can cause skin to look leathery and unhealthy. So what can you do about all this?

Fortunately, DermSurgery Associates of Houston has the answers to a wide range of skin challenges. Our goal is always to enhance the appearance of your skin, restore some of the youth you thought you’d lost and improve your confidence in your appearance. Here are some of the ways we do this.

Photofacial (Cutera Limelight)

● Treats unwanted discoloration on the face, neck, chest, arms and legs.

● Can be used on a variety of skin tones and aging-skin conditions.

Improving appearance of wrinkles/diffusing redness (Genesis, V-Beam, Fraxel)

● Improves wrinkles by gently heating the dermis; corrects diffuse redness and rosacea

● Erythema reduction and new collagen production to improve the appearance of wrinkles formation in the papillary dermis

● No downtime, minimal discomfort, no disposables

Laser Toning (SmoothBeamTM, Nd:Yag laser; Fraxel)

● For acne scars, age-related skin changes, fine wrinkles, irregular skin texture

● These lasers are used in tandem stimulating collagen production at different depths in the skin, ultimately giving it a healthy glow and smoother texture

● Often takes two months to appreciate results, improvement may continue for up to a year following last treatment

● Treatments are typically performed monthly

Acne laser/light treatment (SmoothBeamTM, PDT)

● For treatment of active acne, acne scarring, and oily skin

● Shrinks oil producing glands of the skin to treat acne and reduce bacterial production

● Stimulates collagen production to diminish the appearance of scarring

● Requires multiple treatments

Pigmented lesion removal (Q-Switched ruby laser and Nd:Yag laser)

● For solar lentigos (sun spots), tattoos, nevus of Ota, and other pigmented lesions

● Laser specifically targets the darker region of skin being treated and clears the lesion, leaving normal surrounding skin unharmed

● May require multiple treatments

Vascular lesion removal (V-Beam Perfecta®, Cynergy)

● For broken or enlarged blood vessels, scars, Hemangiomas, port wine stains, and other vascular lesions

● Multiple treatments may be required for desired results

● Minimal to no recovery period, unless treatment for hemagioma or congenital venous malformation

Photodymanic therapy (PDT) 

● For pre-cancerous skin lesions (actinic Keratosis), acne, skin rejuvenation, and some skin cancers

● Uses a topical cream or injection prior to laser or light treatment

● Requires strict sun and bright light avoidance after the procedure

Leg vein treatment (Lasers, Sclerotherapy)

● For small superficial blood vessels on the legs

● A small amount of sclerosing solution is injected into the affected veins, causing the vessel walls to collapse and ultimately go away

● Results often seen approximately four weeks following treatment

● Often requires multiple treatments for desired results

● Lasers may be used if indicated for certain types of leg veins

Hydrafacial (Available in Bellaire)

● Wrinkles

● Fine lines

● Skin laxity issues

● Brown spots

● Dead skin cell removal

● Texture enhancement

PicoSure (available at the Medical Center location)

● Acne scars

● Wrinkles

● Freckles

● Sun spotds and brown spots

● General sun damage

● The repair of discoloration due to pigmentation issues

● Tattoos (including those that have been difficult to remove)

SkinPen (available in the Medical Center, Bellaire and  Kingwood locations)

● Treats fine lines and wrinkles

● Safe microneedling technology

● Little downtime after procedure

● Minimally invasive

● Perfect for ongoing healthy skin maintenance

● Works great in hard-to-reach areas

More about our treatments

DermSurgery Associates of Houston regularly consults with patients about what devices we have, who can benefit from them, and what it’s like to have the treatments performed. Here are a few things you might want to know:

● Most treatments are a comfortable experience with no downtime.

● How long each treatment will take is based on the area of your body being treated, but one hour is about average.

● Though some results are more immediate, most results should be seen after one to three treatments.

● For skin that is heavily damaged, more treatments may be necessary.

The helpful staff at DermSurgery Associates will be happy to explain more about the benefits of our many therapies. Please call 713.791.9966 with any questions or to arrange an appointment at any of our locations. For treatments available at the Bellaire office, you can also call 713-669-9222.


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