What is Mohs Surgery for the treatment of skin cancer?

Mohs surgery is a specialized surgical procedure used to remove skin cancer.  This technique offers a very successful cure for skin cancers.  The surgeon, who is a dermatologist experienced and trained in both surgery and pathology, removes and examines each layer of the diseased skin with a microscope for the presence of cancer cells during the procedure.  This specially trained surgeon will continue to remove cancerous tissue by taking layers, or stages, of skin and continually examining them under the microscope until there is no cancerous tissue present.  Mohs surgery is performed under local anesthesia, and as such, carries none of the risks associated with general anesthesia.

After the cancer is completely removed, the Mohs surgeon will work with you to decide the best method of repairing the defect created by the removal of the cancer. Mohs surgeons are highly trained in reconstructive surgery, including the usage of flaps and grafts, and in most cases your surgeon will repair your defect the same day as your surgery.  In rare instances, your Mohs surgeon may refer you to other specialists for the repair as he or she feels is necessary.

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