How Mohs Surgery Saves Lives for Patients with Skin Cancer

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People know about skin cancer. With numerous government and private-sector educational and outreach programs, the average person is aware that unprotected exposure to the sun can cause damage to the skin, which can result in various forms of skin cancer. But even with this knowledge, skin cancer strikes its share of people every year. When this happens, it’s time to know the facts about what your next step in treatment should be.

Mohs surgery saves lives. It’s a very unique and highly effective form of skin cancer treatment. It involves removing cancerous skin sections layer by layer and then studying each layer in a laboratory setting to determine where the spread of cancer has stopped. With Mohs surgery, the extent of the condition is easily determined, and only the affected skin is surgically affected. The system was developed by a Wisconsin physician named Frederic E. Mohs back in the 1930s.

Meet Dr. Leonard Goldberg

Today, leading dermatology clinics around the world know that Mohs surgery saves lives and provide this life-saving procedure to their patients. Among Mohs surgeons, one name stands out for experience, leadership, expertise and, some would say, brilliance: Dr. Leonard Goldberg of DermSurgery Associates, based in Houston, Texas.

In April 2016, Dr. Goldberg was honored with the Award for Career Achievement from the American College of Mohs Surgery. This award is not given randomly nor is it a “token.” Rather it is bestowed upon the upper-tier of dedicated physicians who in their prestigious careers have demonstrated a skill and understanding of the Mohs surgical procedure that truly sets them apart in the world of medicine.

In the Houston area – and throughout the country and the world – Dr. Goldberg is known as the absolute first choice for patients who need quick and workable solutions to a skin cancer diagnosis. Even with thousands of successful surgeries to his credit, Dr. Goldberg always addresses the uniqueness of each patient and cares deeply about each of their specific, individual needs. To him, it’s not just a medical procedure. It’s saving lives.

Have you had a skin cancer check?

While skin cancer shows up with identifiable signs, the only way to know for certain if you have it is through a skin check in a dermatologist’s office. Sun-worshippers are more at risk, but skin cancer can strike anyone. A mole or odd skin spot is often the first clue. Characteristics to watch for include:

  • Odd shape; lumpy in appearance
  • Changing in size
  • Multi-colored
  • Larger than a pencil eraser
  • Reddish or scaly patch
  • Irregular border

There are three types of skin cancer, with melanoma being the most potentially dangerous. If you notice any odd spots on your body – particularly in areas that are regularly exposed to the sun – you should schedule a thorough skin check without delay. Remember: Mohs surgery saves lives.

Dr. Goldberg and his team at DermSurgery are committed to spreading the world about skin cancer and, more importantly, saving lives when that becomes necessary. With Mohs surgery performed by a recognized authority like Dr. Goldberg, you’ve got the most potent ammunition available in fighting this disease.

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