Make Annual Skin Checks a New Year’s Resolution

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Learn why having annual skin checks is so important

Doctor performing skin check.The new-year is fast approaching, and for many it’s time to make their New Year’s resolutions. We have a suggestion for a very easy and extremely smart resolution this year: Annual skin checks.

Of course that does not mean checking to see if you skin’s still there, rather it means having your skin looked at closely to determine if any new spots or moles are cancerous or pre-cancerous. Make each January your skin check month, and enjoy peace of mind for the rest of the year.

Why regular skin checks are so important

As our bodies age, our biology changes. Skin that was smooth and clean as a 10-year-old begins showing signs of age – even as early as in your 20’s. Sun damage is a big factor in the aging of skin, and one of the potential dangers of sun damage is skin cancer.

This condition can present in various ways, one of the most common being irregular moles. The skin experts at DermSurgery Associates of Houston can do a thorough examination of your skin, with special attention paid to moles that are oddly shaped and have poorly defined borders, moles with unusual or varied coloring, and moles that are larger than “normal” or are changing in appearance. All of these signs in moles can point to a cancerous condition.

Types of skin cancer an annual skin check can spot

There are three primary forms of skin cancer that doctors are concerned with: melanoma, basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma. The latter two are fairly common and treatment is generally straightforward and successful. This is not always the case with melanoma.

While it is estimated that two percent or less of all skin cancers are melanoma, this form is far more often fatal than basal and squamous cell carcinomas. When melanoma is ignored or undetected, treating it can become complex and success rates can be lowered considerably. However, with early detection, prognosis is usually very good.

Some 76,000 people are expected to be diagnosed with melanoma this year, and more than 43,000 are expected to be men, who are twice as likely to die from it. Maybe one reason for this is that men are less likely than women to schedule annual skin checks.

Whether you’re a man or a woman, skin cancer is nothing to take a chance with. When the 2015 rolls around, make it your resolution to take excellent care of yourself by arranging your first annual skin check for cancer with DermSurgery. Call today to schedule your appointment in advance.

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