Dr. Riahi – What Sunscreen Do I Use?

Woman at the beach in large sunhat applying sunscreen.

When it comes to anti-aging for the skin, sunscreen remains the top preventative option. A common question asked during office visits is “what sunscreen should I use?”. Dr. Riahi has some basic tips for what to look for in a sunscreen.

– Look for SPF30 or higher. You want to look for a sunscreen that provides at least an SPF of 30. Higher SPFs are somewhat helpful but not necessary. Rather, make sure to reapply sunscreen in the afternoon if you are going to be driving or outside.

– Get something that provides more than just sunscreen! Dr. Riahi believes sunscreen, retinoid medications, and antioxidant creams are the triad for topical skin care prevention. DermSurgery provides a sunscreen/antioxidant combination that provides even more benefits for anti-aging.

– Get something you will actually use! You need a product that fits your lifestyle. Makeup with sunscreen, tinted sunscreens, or sheer (clear) sunscreens are various options. Bottom line: if it doesn’t get put on, then it won’t help!

Take control of skin aging and cancer prevention. Sunscreen, protective clothing and hats can be utilized in combination to help combat excessive sun exposure. Contact Dr. Riahi if you would like to discuss your options!


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